Professional Supervision helps to ensure that people working with people are given support to reflect and develop upon their professional selves. 

Supervision can serve a range of functions according to your profession and each person will come with individual objectives relevant to their role and organisation. 

Supervision differs to individual counselling. Supervisee’s set the agenda of sessions through bringing ideas with them to the supervision space.

Supervision can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have not had supervision before. 

Remember that this is a supportive process. Supervision will help you to feel heard, increase your confidence and feel able to work with clients/staff better.

Kristal is a qualified Supervisor with experience in working with supervisees in practice, as well as NGO and Allied Health Supervisee’s.

Supervision provides a space to:

Cultural LGBTTIAQ+ Supervision

This is a useful service for anyone working with people within the Rainbow community. Kristal can provide case conference support as well as educational support and supervision. This can be useful for counsellors, clinicians and people working in allied health. This supervision does not need to be ongoing, you may want to access short term or as a ‘one off’ or a PD opportunity. Please get in touch to discuss further!

Get In Touch

Please get in touch to enquire about Supervision further and discuss your needs.  It is helpful to include your profession/role, geographical location and service you work in when making contact.

Well done on taking the first step

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