Fees and Appointments

What you need to know

  • At Kristal Rose Counselling, the goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. This includes offering a range of online options. Initially, it is best if you can attend face-to-face while a relationship is established.
  • Kristal will send you a client details form and a confidentiality form prior to your first session so you have time to read through this information. You will go over this information in your first session.
  • If you are having an online appointment, please ensure you have privacy, and a safe space to have your appointment. It is important that you turn your phone off, and that you have no distractions. Using headphones can be helpful.
  • If you are coming to counselling through the ACC sensitive claims pathway this website may be useful. https://www.findsupport.co.nz/. Simply let Kristal know when you are booking an appointment if you think this is, or could be, the pathway you require.


What you can expect to pay for our services?

Kristal offers a free 10 minute ‘meet and greet’ at my practice for clients if requested.

$130 for a 50 minute counselling appointment. Please note that the first appointment is $150.

Kristal can assist with completing Disability Allowance (Counselling) Documents for WINZ

ACC sensitive claims counselling is fully funded, providing ACC accept your Engagement Form in our first session.

Please be mindful that cancelled appointments require 48 hours notice please, or you will be charged for the appointment.